Lunar Skies Jewelry

Hand-Crafted One-of-a-Kind

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Single or multi-stone pendants using hand-cut cabochons and select accent stones. Artistically crafted hand-forged sterling silver settings make each piece truly unique.


Earring designs that make a statement. These are earrings you can wear every day or for special occasions. Hand-cut stones make the difference.


Rings ranging from dainty to heavy. Single or multi-stone designs that are eye-catchers on your hand. Hand-forged silver designs using hand-cut gemstones.

About Lunar Skies

     After many years of working as a graphic artist, creating someone else’s vision, I made the decision to create my own unique designs. I consider each piece of Lunar Skies Jewelry to be its own mini-sculpture.

     Creating art from stone and silver requires patience and skill. I consider each piece a miniature sculpture.

Talk to Me

Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your project. Together we can creative a unique piece just for you.